is there still support for VCL?
I've tried installing a VCL cluster with one broker and two compute nodes just like the wiki describes, but I'm not having a lot of success. I haven't seen much in the forums about VCL lately, and the tutorial talks about running oclHashcat-plus. So I'm wondering - is VCL still supported?

Right after my install, I was able to run the and test just fine (although they were FAR slower than expected). When I tried to run the benchmark, I got a clEnqueueReadBuffer() -38 error. I couldn't ever clear it, so I restarted all 3 servers.

After they came up, I've never been able to crack anything from the broker node. It detects the other cards, but then errors out with either clCreateContext() -2 or clCreateContext -6 errors.

Any ideas?
VCL is dead.
Shoot. Well thanks for the reply. Can we get the wiki or something updated to say so?

Also...can you expound a bit? VCL just isn't being updated anymore? It wasn't worth making hashcat work with VCL? What happened? I remember it was kind've a big deal when support for VCL was announced.

Is there any good alternative? There's another wiki that's crossed out about "distributing workload in oclHashcat". Something like that maybe?
The whole vclHashcat stack hinged on three proprietary, closed source products: AMD Catalyst, VCL, and oclHashcat. It was a great solution when AMD, VCL, and Hashcat were all in sync. atom does a great job keeping Hashcat in sync with AMD. Unfortunately, the VCL developers were unable to keep up with AMD, and it didn't take long for VCL to fall out of sync with both AMD and Hashcat.

curlyboi has been working on a new project called Hashtopus, that might interest you. unix-ninja has also been working on a new version of disthc.
Thanks again for the response! I'll look into those projects.