Line-lenght exception
I've downloaded and installed the new oclahashcat v1.20 and also the new driver for my gpu (AMD). I tried to decrypt some MD5 hashes and it works perfect, today i tried to decrypt some traditional des hashes and i get a line-lenght exception i tried with and without gui and get the same problem, i'm sure that the hases are good cause i checked with des-parser. I talked to a friend and he told me that he has the same line-lenght exception also with MD5 hashes, he has NVidia gpu. Someone can help us?
Thank you
what command did you use to start hashcat? Your hashes should look something like this: 48c/R8JAv757A
First of all thanks, yes the hashes look like the one you written, i use the same command i used with the old version, but as i written i get the same problem also using gui
can you please post this command? And preferrably the full hashcat screen output.
oclHashcat32.exe --force hashes.txt --remove -m 1500 -o hashes_found.txt john.pot.stat.txt

[Image: 69jrrp.jpg]
From under your art work it looks like you have username and hash seperated by a colon, add the --username parameter to your command if you want to run it that way
you should not use --force unless you know what you're doing.
Sorry for the delay, i've solved it deleting and re installing the prog. Many thanks for your help