2 questions: cap to hccap using webpage and Index

I captured a few WPA handshakes using besside-ng. These 5 handshakes were in one wpa.cap file.
Then I converted the file using the online converter by adding the essid name. Then I got 5 hccap files each containing one handshake.

Question 1:
Is this so? Do I really have 5 different handshakes by specifying the essid?
Is the webpage functioning properly and really putting the right handshake into the hccap file?
I am asking because I captured my own WLAN handshakes for testing. One of them is a simple password but it hasn't been decoded by hashcat for hours although I thought it should.

Next I ran hashcat using a wordlist.
Then the status window states:
Index ... 4/22 (segment)
Recovered: 0/1 hashes

Question 2:
Recovered means, there is only 1 hash inside.
What does Index mean?
Answer to this:
The wordlist is spilt into # files and this is the index...

Q1: Apparently the website makes errors. I sent a file, specified the wlan name but got something different than specified