problem with GPU fans
Hi i saw a strange issue and dont know what is source of my problem.
When one hashcat instance is running all is fine, but when run couple instance (all in one time or pause rest) fans are freaking out :/
i work on 4x 7970 ghz stock closk without any OC.
Now working on sha1 with speed like 5000MH/s (1 instace) temps about 60-70c but when run second instance card are ut to even 83c and speeds are 2500+2500 so gpu load is same.
And another most importants think, couple time fans on one gpu are STOP. hashcat shows 15% fan speed but i see that fans are stoped. Try manualyy run them at 100% in catalyst control panel and it dont work. But when i kill hashcat process fans automaticly start :/
I dont know where is problem, drivers? hashcat?
Iam usind win7 x64
AMD catalyst 14.4
Any idea where is problem ?
So you need to run one instance normally, and all other instances without fan control. It seems that all cats interfering with each other.
yeah, i fully understand You KT, but in prev version of
hashcat ?
i dint notice this issue
I had a similar issue atom told me to try


it fixed my issue.
ok i will try this, thx for help
(05-21-2014, 09:09 AM)blazer Wrote: I had a similar issue atom told me to try


it fixed my issue.

I have this issue too. I'm using an R9 280 with oclHashcat 1.30 for Windows. Used either 14.4 or 14.7 beta Catalyst drivers.

"--gpu-temp-disable" fixed my fan. I'm also running MSI Afterburner with a custom fan curve. Without the gpu disable command my fan was running idle at over 80c and manual fan control didn't work.