Is SL3 Unlocking with Multihashing of SHA1($salt.$pass) ready?
Hi Everyone,

Is SL3 Unlocking Solution with Multi-hashing (and hex salted) of SHA1($salt.$pass) ready?

If not, then does anybody know any other options.

Thanks a lot.
no, and it is not planned
(03-26-2011, 08:20 PM)atom Wrote: no, and it is not planned

Can you advise any other software for solution?

Thank you.
there is none
Can you please tell, how will the command line look like, if we assume that:

- we are launching a task same like for SL3 Unlocking, but with min=15, max=15, charset=0123456789;
- read hex-salt and hash from file and write results to another file;
- tuned to be launched under HD5970.

Thank you very much in advance.