username:password in outfile
I have a hash file with the format username:hash and I want the outfile to contain username:password of the cracked entries. Is there a way to do this with hashcat?

I currently use the options --remove and --username and restort to python when it comes to mashing the resultfile with usernames. This takes considerable amounts of time when the hashdumps are large.
After cracking... you need the original hash file and the pot file "oclHashcat.pot" which contains all your cracks (if you do not have that file you may be able to copy the outfile w/ all your cracks to oclHashcat.pot or cudaHashcat.pot, this might not always work if you used a different --outfile-format).

then you use the --show switch together w/ --username to show all the cracks, e.g.

./oclHashcat64.bin -m 0 full_hash_list.txt --show --username

note: the version where the hashes were --remove(d) ofc doesn't work, since it misses all the hashes that were cracked
Thank you philsmd!