WPA2 Enterprise ?

What's the difference between WPA2 Enterprise and WPA cracked by hashcat ?
Is it possible to ask for WPA2 Enterprise en next versions ? If yes, I'll post a trac tciket.

Thank you.
no wifi expert, but afaik WPA enterprise doesn't use a PSK so there's no password to crack.
WPA Enterprise uses IEEE 802.1X. Most widespread implementations are based on TLS.
For Enterprise, you're gonna need to run a FreeRADIUS server with a certificate, an evil twin access point with a strong antenna and sniff for MSCHAPv2 credentials, etc. Even then, you may not get anywhere depending on the company's policy. So then, you might have to revert to social engineering, physical entry, etc.

The last 10 minutes of this video should help you:  http://www.securitytube.net/video/6373