Hashing a dic and adding it to POT
Is there a time benefit to hashing my common password dictionary and adding the results to my pot file?
well, for salted hashes you lack the salt, so it won't work here.

for unsalted hashes i think there will be some point where it's faster to crack them.

but for unsalted hashes, you should use rainbow tables, since they do the same but are more efficient in storing and lookup.
thanks, atom, that was kinda what I was looking for, just trying to discern if looking up in the rainbow table is faster.

I was mainly thinking of my sha1 and md5 only.
Okay, now my results are not outputting to a file. It says its found from my pot X amount, but I do not see them in the output file.
to show cracked hashes use --show
Even when using -o ? They seem to conflict.
Here is what I am seeing

oclHashcat64.exe -a 0 -m 0 -p : --session=all --force -o "D:\output\1405957334849_found.txt" --outfile-format=3 -n 32 -u 128 --gpu-temp-disable -r "D:\rules\1.giveen_combo.rule" "D:\hashes\1405957334849.txt" "D:\dict\The_New_New_Best_Dict.txt"


My command is correct, pot file says it found X amount, but nothing is outputted into the text file.
Weird, just tried another file and it worked just fine.
So its working for some files and not others.