Possible bug in speed reported by Oclhashcat V0.26+
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I just wanted to bring the following to your attention and get some clarification at the same time. This issue could be effecting your betas also. I was reviewing the reported speeds from the following post and came accross the following.(d3ad0ne vs. radix)


Why is the speeds reported for the last two enteries on the following page arguementative? Clearly D3ad0ne system has the lower estimated time for completion; however when I look at the overall speed of radix I get confussed.(see below for details) Should the decimal point be shifted on Radix reported speed to something like 4.41 G/s? It appers that the Nvidia based system is moving faster than the ATI which is not the case comparing the 6970 vs 580 GPU's. Just look at the time remaining for each. Could the following issue also be affecting your latest beta versions as well?

D3ad0ne (Running x8 ATI 6970's GPU)
Mode.Left.: Mask '?1?1?1?1' (14776336)
Mode.Right: Mask '?1?1?1?1' (14776336)
Speed.GPU*: 14.8G/s
Estimated.: 4 hours, 5 mins

radix (Running x8 Nvidia GTX 580's GPU)
Mode.Left.: Mask '?1?1?1?1' (14776336)
Mode.Right: Mask '?1?1?1?1' (14776336)
Speed.GPU*: 441.9G/s
Estimated.: 13 hours, 43 mins

Thank you
The answer is simple, just look at the date :
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That's an easter egg!