Error ? New ? Hash ? Please help me if it is possible
Hi @all. So its been very long time maybe 7 years since i last try to crack a password.
Its been 1 week since i try to crack a Hash.
I am reading all more then 4 hours every day how to start up oclHashcat / Hashcat Gui.
I am trying to crack a hash 256.
My problem is, i set up the GUI oclHashcat, brute force and when i press on the button i get an error message that says "ERROR: clBuildProgram() -11"
I don´t have any idea from what i get it.
I set my input for Hash i set the SHA256 i set it to BruteForce ( just to see how long it would take! ( it is short pass ), i just don´t know for the Rules what to place. The pass haves Upper letters lower symbols and numbers. I set it to Retain 75º, devices all ( only one GPU R9 280X ), i set the output and format plane and when i press the big button it says that error ( clBuildProgram() -11 ).
Where is my error ? Can some one help me ?
I am reading really hard but no success i read all the WIKI for "oclHashcat" i watched all the youtube videos and no results Sad.

Back in 2008 i cracked some passwords it took me maybe 3 days to learn how i remember i cracked it with brute force it was simple numeric 20 letters or so ( not sure ).
Thank you a lot.
And please don´t tell me i am stupid i am really trying hard Sad.
Sorry for any errors in typing if i have Smile.
Quote:it was simple numeric 20 letters

keep dreaming Big Grin

Do you have an appropriate driver installed?
20 numeric characters via bruteforce in 2008?
(08-14-2014, 08:09 PM)unix-ninja Wrote: 20 numeric characters via bruteforce in 2008?

YES the pass, I said the pass was simple !!!
with numbers only, from 0 - 4!