38 x GPU, need help seting up for hashcat
Hi Guys,

We have recently retired our 9 machine setup for mining, including 38 mixed GPU's, ATI 7950 and 280X's.

We have been playing with hashcat, but would like to try and get the distributed computing running so we can control all machines through proxy/webserver.

I have followed instructions from here


but when i get to the /localhost/admin.php section, i only get the php code and not the admin panel.

Any help/support that can be provided to get all these machines running, we happy let the person use all machines for for a period of time as a thankyou.

We are not experts in opencl or what tutorials are out there, the reason we are asking for help.

We are using cards as a trial to decide if we keep doing it or sell all items off before prices drop too far on the gpu's.

Much appreciated in advance.

Sounds like php isn't properly installed. Then again, this isn't a hashtopus support forum.