Hardware and performance
Hi everybody,

Trying to recover a previous password (MacOS 10.9), it takes currently more than 200 days.
I would like to know if you could advise me for a more performant hardware than my current HP laptop (unable to use cuda version unfortunatly : ERROR: cuModuleLoad() 209 with a Quadro 2000M).
This is the good time for me because my main workstation has burned few days ago and I have to renew the hardware (used for gaming too).

The command line used is : $ hashcat-cli64.bin -a 3 -m 7100 -1 "?l?u?d-_:;. %*+éàè " --pw-min=6 -o passwd.txt ./data/hashcat.hash ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

The hash is the following :
<removed by epixoip>

By the way, if someone can help me to recover the password, he is welcome Smile

One more question. Do you think that JTR is more efficient without GPU accel ? (newby question)

Have a nice day.
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Sorry for that.
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