ASRock H61 Pro BTC
Is anyone using the ASRock H61 Pro BTC board?

I am having issues getting R9 290X's to be detected in the PCIE 1X slots.

Any idea on how to resolve this?
Did you made modification for your riser? you need to solder wire to use 16x card on 1x slot.
I am not using the H61 Pro however I have used a x1 to x16 riser without an issue, are you using a powered one?

This is what I used:

Make sure you run amdconfig --inital and reboot, as I had issues with hashcat not picking my third 290x until I did that.
I just discovered that one of the risers appears to be bad. I will need to order a replacement. But in the end I had to also change the settings in the BIOS, like use on board GPU and manually setting PCIE slot settings.

I will let you know how it goes once I get a new riser in.

Also, they are powered risers via molex connector and they do not require modifications.