oclHashcat v1.30
what exactly is terrible about 130 MH/s @ descrypt for a R9 290x ?

You might have already noticed that there are no k (kilo), M (mega), G (giga) etc indications in all of the above chars because they (hopefully) are not needed for comparison. The most important comparison was between performance values of oclHashcat 1.21 vs oclHashcat 1.30, therefore the units were all simply removed (independent if they are k/M/G H/s)...

So if the output of oclHashcat 1.21 was 114 MH/s and oclHashcat 1.30 showed 130 MH/s, the values in the charts above were simply added as "114 vs 130".
As you mentioned none of them had units so one can only assume they were all H/s. Can't expect people to know it's MH/s without tell them, right? Member KT819GM was just as confused as I.
Hashcat GUI not updated for this version ?
hashcat-gui has been deprecated for a couple years now. if you're asking about HashcatGUI, that is a third-party utility that is not developed nor supported by hashcat. you will need to inquire about its development at http://www.hashkiller.co.uk/hashcat-gui.aspx
Great update Smile.
I thought Mediawiki B was md5($salt.0x2D.md5($pass)) not md5($salt.md5($pass))