Stacking Wordlists
Hi everyone

I just started playing around with oclHashcat and I am having some trouble figuring something out.

In a nutshell I want to row up several wordlists and have oclHashcat kind of just bruteforce its way through all of them, rather then sit there and wait for it to finish one then load the next.

Is this even possible?

If yes could someone help me with the commands that I would need to enter.

Thank you.
Nevermind I think I just figured it out.

I just pointed oclHashcat at the directory where my wordlists are then I used a wildcard (*).



I'm kind of surprised that this works but I guess if anybody else is looking for a solution, here it is Smile

Also if anybody has a better solution then please post it here.
you don't even need a glob, you can just specify the path to the directory. or you can manually specify multiple wordlists on the command line.