i7-5960X benchmarks
hashcat-cliAVX.exe -a 0 -m 1000 -n 16 W:\NT4.txt -r "rules\james.txt" -o W:\NT4.txt.out "wordlists\facebook_names.txt"
Rules: 139932
Hashes: 713677
Speed: 126.13M plains

Bruteforcing the same hashlist with a ?a^8 mask resulted in 139.81M p/s speed.
Same BF, but on one NTLM resulted in 204.09M p/s.

Almost no difference between AVX and AVX2 on NTLM or MD5.
Just compared HM and HC on same MD5 hashes and with the same rule file.
126M p/s for HM_AVX2, 117M p/s for HC_AVX2.
what is HM and HC?
Hash manager and Hashcat.
do you have benchmarks for bcrypt, md5crypt or descrypt?
Descrypt: 6.14M p/s
Bcrypt: 14.45k p/s
Md5crypt: 207.28k p/s

All alrogithms produce top speed using AVX2 binary, except Blowfiskars(crypt), whose speed drops to ~8k.