Using the new md5($salt.$pass.$salt) mode

May I have some pointers on how to use the recently added new hash mode -m 3810 = md5($salt.$pass.$salt)?

For example if I have a test hash created from the following;

md5($salt1.$pass.$salt2) -> d55edafe94ce15a50739a765d4d3eff1

If using mode 20 = md5($salt.$pass), could solve this way;

oclHashcat-1.31\oclHashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 20 -n 256 -u 1024 d55edafe94ce15a50739a765d4d3eff1Confusedcf2a23 "?a?a?a?aab7e343"

It seems mode -m 3810 = md5($salt.$pass.$salt) is perfect for the situation. How does the $salt2 value get specified in a command line using -m 3810?

it only takes one salt as far as i can see.
the example for m 3810 shows $pass:$salt
i guess you only need the 2nd salt?
3810 is one salt that is used twice, not two unique salts.
thanks guys