[split] oclHashcat-lite SL3 cracking howto - imei: 14 or 15 chars
Hi, I'm trying to unlock my Nokia 6303 just for fun. I have ATI 6850 with 11.3 drivers installed (not very good card for this purpose I know...) Everything works well except that my IMEI number is 15 chars long, not 14 as said in the first post. Do I have to convert it somehow? If I put my 15 chars long imei i get the message that salt is invalid so I had to trim last character to test if program works but that wont give me good results Smile

simple just remove the last digit of your IMEI

the only problem is how can you read your phone hash file if you dont have gadgets like those sl3 guys uses in reading phone hashes?

in order to produce an NCK=unlock code you need to have 14digit IMEI + phone HASH...



just remove the last digit the software don't need it