Radeon 7XXXM dual-graphics isn't recognized by oclHahscat. HELP PLEASE!

The situation:

I have laptop HP g7 with dual-graphics (both ATI).
Discrete Radeon 7400M
Integtated Radeon 6520G

I used this manual to install all components:

I used this driver (Catalyst 14.9):
Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS + lightdm etc.
oclHashcat v. 1.31

The installation has been finished successfully (both OS and Driver)
I didn't install any SDK or other stuff.

When I run "oclHashcat64.bin" is uses only one device and it's Radeon 6520G(integrated GPU)

But I need to use at least 7400M (discrete) or both of them.

I used aticonfig --adapter=all --initial -f to create xorg.conf
There are two records in the file about my GPUs.
clinfo shows both. lspci shows both.

What should I check to resolve this issue?
How can I force oclHashcat to use both GPUs or at least discrete one?

By the way!
In amd catalyst control center I have fast gpu enabled (More power consumption) enabled but in the Display section I can see that my monitor uses Radeon 6520G(integrated) and I cannot swith it to use Radeon 7400M, no any option(drop-down list) is active. aticonfig/amdconfig --lsa shows both adapters and the primary one is 6520G...Maybe it's normal due to mux-less mode or...I don't know exactly.

Thanks in advance!
Here is what I've found just now on hp.com


OpenGL applications use the integrated graphics processors only.

So does it mean that OpenCL applications use integraded GPU only too?
May it cause my "problem"?