Creating rules
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Need help in creating a rules file having such mutations:

Case mutation: the program checks all variations of uppercase/lowercase characters.

Digit mutation: adding several digits to the work (from the dictionary) as prefix and suffix.

Border mutation: similar to the above, but adding not only digits, but also most commonly used combinations like 123, $$$, 666, qwerty, 007, Ñ…Ñ…Ñ… etc.; in addition, adding some chars at both end of the word, e.g. #password#, $password$ and more.

Order mutation: reversing the order (password - drowssap), repeating the word (password - passwordpassword), adding the reversed word (password - passworddrowssap).

Duplicate mutation: duplicating the characters, e.g. ppassword, paassword, passsword, passwword etc.

Year mutation: adding the year (four digits) at the end of the word: password1973, password2002.

I mean these mutations on the basis of elcomsoftu.
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And in the network, there is no specific tutorials on this subject.

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Created a file wpa.rules
I gave him:

# Capitalize the first letter and lower the rest

# And add the digits at the end of the password
$ 1
$ 2
I HCCAP your own network with a password Zbyszek1
And unfortunately it did not work because I'm doing something wrong.
you need both 'c $1' on the same line to both capitalize and append a 1.

epixoip@token:~/hashcat-0.48$ echo -n Zbyszek1 | md5sum
be597e193161d97f91603b0aaa980218  -
epixoip@token:~/hashcat-0.48$ echo be597e193161d97f91603b0aaa980218 >testhash
epixoip@token:~/hashcat-0.48$ echo 'zbyszek' >testdict
epixoip@token:~/hashcat-0.48$ cat > testrule << EOF
> c \$1
> c \$2
epixoip@token:~/hashcat-0.48$ cat testrule
c $1
c $2
epixoip@token:~/hashcat-0.48$ ./hashcat-cli64.bin testhash testdict -r testrule
Initializing hashcat v0.48 by atom with 8 threads and 32mb segment-size...

Added hashes from file testhash: 1 (1 salts)
Activating quick-digest mode for single-hash
Added rules from file testrule: 2


All hashes have been recovered

Input.Mode: Dict (testdict)
Index.....: 1/1 (segment), 1 (words), 8 (bytes)
Recovered.: 1/1 hashes, 1/1 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, - words
Progress..: 1/1 (100.00%)
Running...: --:--:--:--
Estimated.: --:--:--:--

Started: Tue Dec 23 10:11:58 2014
Stopped: Tue Dec 23 10:11:58 2014