Dictionary Attack batch
Hello everyone i got tired of entering over and over manually options and other for hashcat Dictionary attack, so i've made simple bat script and wanted to share it with you:
@echo off
title "Dictionary Attack ~ K3yW0rm"
set /P hashtype=Enter hash id you are willing to crack:
set /P hashfile=Enter your hash filename:
set /P hashdict=Enter location of your dictionaries:
set /P hashfound=Enter name of found file:
IF "%hashtype%"=="" (
set hashtype=0
IF "%hashfound%"=="" (
set hashfound=%hashfile%_found

oclHashcat64.exe -m %hashtype% -a 0 %hashfile%.txt %hashdict% -o %hashfound%.txt --outfile-format=3 --remove

Save it as .bat

Run .bat and enter id of encryption or leave blank for plain Md5(0)
After that it will ask you for your hash file name enter only file name so example my hash file is "hashes.txt" i will enter only "hashes"
Next it will ask you for your Dictionaries location.
And last it will ask you for found passwords location, you can leave it blank and it will save it as your hashfile_found.txt Smile

Have fun.