AMD GPU driver installed but not detected
Hi there,

I am getting this error although I installed the latest amd driver 14.12
Quote:AMD users require Catalyst 14.9 or later
Since 14.12 is higher than 14.9 it should work. Why do I get this message?

[Image: oclhci5uox.png]

Using "--force" is working. But I have problems with rules because they are read by oclhashcat but are not applied successfully.

E. g.:
rule "l" for lowercase is active,
password in dict is "paSSWOrd",
real password to crack is "password"

So oclHashcat should lowercase all chars but it doesn't work. Sad
Changing "paSSWOrd" to "password" in dictionary and remove the rule --> it's working.

This is my start command (currently with --force):
oclHashcat64.exe -m 2500 capture.hccap -r "rules\rule.rule" "dicts\dict.txt" --force

Any ideas?

Thank you very much
Catalyst 14.12 is broken. You need exactly 14.9. Use Driver Fusion to completely remove 14.12, then install 14.9
thanks! Looks like to problem with unsupported gpu driver is fixed. Smile
(Maybe someone should remove the "and higher" from overview page?)

Looks like my other problem is solved, too. But not because of the 14.9 driver.
My rules were like:
"l // to lowercase"

So, the description was read into the rules and that's why they were not recognized correctly.

Thanks Smile