Wordlists Contain 0 Bytes?
I added a bunch of wordlists into a folder, http://gyazo.com/f73bb84318f37dd1815693d396ec34c4 , and every time I click enter the wordlists load as 0 bytes. This is a sample of the code I get

How do I make it so the wordlists load all the words inside? I apologize if this is a very simple error, I'm new (:
You have specified "-a 3" this means cpu hashcat will use a mask attack (http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=mask_attack ).

If you instead want to use a wordlist-based attack, you need to specify -a 0

For more details and some guides how to get started with cpu hashcat, pls see https://hashcat.net/wiki/ and/or use "hashcat --help" on your command line.