290x 8gb issue
I just got my 2 MSI r9 290x 8gb cards (NOT 4gb!).
Installed the latest drivers and fired up latest hashcat (oclHashcat64 1.31) when I got

oclHashcat v1.31 starting...

WARN: ADL_Overdrive6_FanSpeed_Get(): -1

Device #1: Hawaii, 8192MB, 1030Mhz, 44MCU
Device #2: Hawaii, 3072MB, 1030Mhz, 44MCU

STOP! Unsupported or incorrect installed GPU driver detected!

When i ran with --force I got
Speed.GPU.#1...:  8166.0 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#2...: 10698.3 MH/s
Speed.GPU.#*...: 18864.3 MH/s

and GPU.#2 got very hot and stays around 94c(which I believe is normal?) when GPU.#1 stays on ~65c.

I've searched on the forum and found that it shows "the amount of memory that is available for compute tasks" but this does not seem right..

Is this an issue with the 8gb model, or because the secondary card is running on the x4 pci-e slot?
Have I gotten a faulty card?

Catalyst 14.12 with driver 14.501.1003.0 (2014-11-20)

I hope I described my problem good enough, Im a bit new to all this!
14.12 is broken. Remove and install 14.9.
(01-04-2015, 02:16 AM)hannhimhe Wrote: 14.12 is broken. Remove and install 14.9.

Thats not good. well if there aren't any other choice at the moment...