SHA1-Hash and Password, what is the syntax?
Sorry to bother you guys with my newbie question, but i am totally lost.

To be honest, i have to solve a little riddle. I managed to pass some stages, but now i have to "crack" a found 40 character hash-value. I think it must be SHA-1.

And i found a password, that is hidden inside the riddle.

But as i am completely new to this material, i have no idea, what i can do with those values now? I guess i have to find the user name? Or maybe the so called salt?

Can anybody helpt me out with the correct syntax? What i tried to do is following:

hashcat-cli64.exe -m 110 -a 0 Test.hash Test.dict --outfile=test.txt

I am thankful for every hint i get! Smile
if its just sha, use -m 100
thanks for the fast answer...tried that out too....thats the result:

Initializing hashcat v0.49 with 8 threads and 32

Added hashes from file Test.hash: 1 (1 salts)
Activating quick-digest mode for single-hash

NOTE: press enter for status-screen

Input.Mode: Dict (Test.dict)
Index.....: 1/1 (segment), 6 (words), 97 (bytes)
Recovered.: 0/1 hashes, 0/1 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, - words
Progress..: 6/6 (100.00%)
Running...: --:--:--:--
Estimated.: --:--:--:--

Started: Thu Jan 29 21:43:57 2015
Stopped: Thu Jan 29 21:43:57 2015
maybe i am thinking i said...i am completely new to this things... my dict.file only contains the passwort in different ways... maybe thats my fault and i need a complete word list with "usernames" or sth. like that?1
Maybe try a dictionary thats a little more robust? You know know how to use it, guess it's up to you to solve the "riddle".
Hey radix. Smile Thanks for that advice...

i worked with a combination now... a robust dictionary and a little bit the riddle contained no username but something different..that i cant spoiler actually ;-)

but with ocl i got it...after i used the workaround with this options before "set GPU_NUM_COMPUTE_RINGS=0" and --force. cause my mobile ati did not want to work as i told "her" ;-)

thanks to everyone!! Smile