Hash Help
I have a pair of 6500 Running CatOS.
I am running tacacs on them, so I have full access to them.
I am trying to decommission them, and one of the issues I ran into is that I don't know what the console password is. (I want to remove tacacs as a part of the decom.)
On this version of CatOS, when you change the password (set password) it asks for an old password. Since I don't know the password, I can't set a new one. (Crusty old CatOS)
Anyway, we are going to do password recovery, so I don't actually have a need to crack the password...

However, I would like to know:
The password appears to be encrypted in a $2$SALT$Pass format.
I have ran through the supported types, and I don't see this particular format listed.
What type of password is this? The switch is old, so it would be a very old algorithm.
I have searched for Cisco type $2$ but I get all sorts of noise.

Any help is appreciated and sorry if this is a dumb question.
Looks like it is blowfish. Funny how posting then searching again works.
Normally in such cases you can just replace the hash by a hash of which you know the password, for instance generate a new hash with a chosen password.

Therefore, cracking it may not be necessary needed at all
haha, that worked. I didn't even think of that. LOL
I took the hash from the enable password and copy pasted it into the console password.

You just saved me a midnight trip to the office!