USER:HASH Plain Text
So I have a plain text with:

USER:HASH format like:

how can i use it on hashcat or i have to separate all the hash in the plain text?

Thanks in advice!
Add --username to your parameters
works perfectly ! Thanks Saint
Just one more question, is there any way to save username:plain ? Without the hash?
root@et:~/oclHashcat-1.34# cat hash
root@et:~/oclHashcat-1.34# cat oclHashcat.pot
root@et:~/oclHashcat-1.34# ./oclHashcat64.bin --show --username --quiet hash --outfile-format=2
Yes, oclHashcat does already support this (--show --username --outfile-format 2 etc).

But also next version of cpu hashcat (0.50) will support this see: