oclhashcat-lite with GPU Cluster
(10-14-2011, 01:26 PM)Rolf Wrote: Well, since this forum is for oclhc-lite, I suggest you better post your ideas/questions regarding sl3 waking at gsmforums.

IIRC=if I recall correctly

That guy at super key uses Ubuntu, and it's a good choice. Winedows is only good for games.

Sorry, it seems I just came from Mars. ....
Which guy at super key? He uses ubuntu to crack SL3? I also use ubuntu, 11.04 server x64, that's why I have so many questions... forgive me.

In fact oclhashcat-lite has much to do with SL3 cracking. That is why atom put a thread named "SL3 cracking howto" in this forum, I think.

All I want to know is just a solution for ubuntu x64 based GPU cluster. I tried googling and searching in several forums but I got little. I even found ubuntu mpi cluster and a project called "Beowulf", but neither could provide the SL3 cracking cluster solution I think.
I just cannot believe there is no linux based solution since there are several windows based solution and I quite agree with you when you said windows are only good for games (I use ubuntu, too).

Maybe I came to the wrong place but I think there must be someone who needs oclhashcat-lite may know it. So I came here to ask for help.
Only the names of the software or the project could help me. I can google for the rest.
Thanks in advance.
afaik there is no software for linux. so you have either switch to windows or code your own overlay software.
you can try something like this with MPI


pyrit doesn't natively support MPI so maybe you can do something similar with hashcat.
i try to focus on cracking performance. all the required configuration items to enable oclHashcat* to work in a distributed environment are already present. you just need is a software for manage the workload and to produce the correct workload. that can be done by a 3rd party app as well and, in fact, there are some commercial examples out that do exactly this. search with google you will find them, i just dont want to name any specific product.