How to run Hashcat on mac osx 10.6.8 32bit?
Anyone can help me to understand how I can run Hashcat on mac osx 10.6.8 32bit? Thank you.
oclhashcat or cpu hashcat?
From what I know is that snow leopard back in the day introduced opencl in their 64 bit branch. If you are still stuck with the old versions you might not be able to run oclhashcat at all.

For cpu hashcat you could just use virtualbox if anything else fails.
Assuming you have no technical bg:

it's rather simple and i've managed to run it on mac osx.
1. < download latest version
2. In the hashcat folder create 2 text files, one called hash.txt, one called cracked.txt. Also create a folder called wordlist
3. Input the hashes you want to crack in hash.txt and paste all your wordlists in the wordlist folder
4. Identify the type of hash you want to crack - find the list here under hash types:
5. Open terminal: Type "cd [Location of hashcat folder]" < minus the quotations and [ ], i prefer to drag and drop folder into terminal so it outputs the location
6. ./ -m [hash type] --outfile=[crack.txt] --remove [hash.txt] wordlist/ in this part you need to fill three sections, the hash type. for example MD5 hash you would type 0, for phpass you would type 400, you get the point. drag and drop your crack.txt so it gives exact location of your crack file, likewise with the hash.txt
7. press enter, and confirm by typing YES

8. now it will scan, hold down enter key to see progress in realtime. and cracked hashes will be output in your crack.txt file

For example:

your command line should look similar to this:
./ -m 400 --outfile=/Users/xxxx/Desktop/hashcat-0.49/crack.txt --remove /Users/xxxx/Desktop/hashcat-0.49/hash.txt wordlist/