Special characters in mask

How we can write correct mask in this situation

example pass type is

ab c, . d

da d, . b


I am trying this mask

?l?l ?l, . ?l

is not work

Thank you.
Based on your OS/shell, you'll need to escape the spaces.
(04-14-2015, 08:47 PM)royce Wrote: Based on your OS/shell, you'll need to escape the spaces.

Thanks Royce,

I guess theoretically need to use escape character. I try "? " for space but it did'nt work for me, windows 8.1/cmd shell my situation.

Please kindly give us a real working examples for Windows, OS X and Linux

Best Regards.
(04-14-2015, 10:04 PM)royce Wrote: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=windows+8.1+cmd+escape+spaces

Woah you are a genius!
Writing escape character in command line parameter? If you don't have an idea, don't write something! Now shut up and go away! And don't occupy forum.

I see you are big looser in the real world. Your success is surfing forums and try to humiliate persons.
I suggest that you stay polite too. How about you give us your command line so that we can see what could potentially be wrong. Also "is not work" and "it did'nt work for me" are quite vague. Did you get any error message or it runs and don't crack your hashes?
illcare, I meant it in good humor. That being said, there's a little truth in all humor. If you try random things without research, do not be surprised when they do not work. Wishful thinking does not enable people to help you.
from illcare's description in the first place we can assume the problem is with spaces, so royce answer is correct.

PS: instead of escape with ^ you can also simply quote a mask, for example "?l?l ?l, . ?l". That should do it.
Dear Royce,
I am very sorry. I ask you a very kindly way. May be I misunderstand your answer.
I am just trying to create a simple template engine for creating masks. This is a spare time hobby. Just for relaxing after a hard day. We wrote thousands of lines code, but sometimes we miss a single character. You know, lot of things running on our minds. Sometimes we do not see a glass door Smile.

Kind Regards.