how did you keep your cards cool ?
I have 3 gtx460,but when I ran them all,the pc was very hot.I have to use a huge fan to keep them cool.

how did you keep your cards cool with 4 or more cards ?
Quality air cooling and a big PC case, along with space between the cards.
There's a lot of manufacturers, I use the one from Arctic Cooling.
more then 3 cards need for sure a water system or a very massiv air cooling, no tower.
if u use it for sl3 this solutions are also interesting
[Image: 504x_leafblowerpc.jpg]
[Image: kuehlung.jpg]

water upgrades are massiv expensiv, so ask radix for his components
[Image: dsc006128wtc.jpg]
I found spacing out the cards if possible works pretty well for air cooling, of course you are limited by your case. Using a custom case I have been able to give nice gaps which has dropped the temp by about 10c per card just giving them more room between each other so air can actually move around.
cool !
very cool!
thx ati6990