Custom Hashing Algorithms
(04-27-2015, 01:46 PM)atom Wrote: It has downsides, because from programming view (basically such an idea is not compatible with GPGPU) it will slow down the cracking speed to a point where there is no more acceleration due to using GPU. In other words, you can stick to CPU based cracking if you want such a feature. But then it makes no more sense to add it to oclHashcat.

So there's no way to do a hash like this?
a petty that this can't be implemented
If this is from something that is used widely, then yes. Create a trac ticket with all the pertinent information. If this is some app that 5 people use, no. There are far more important things for us to work on.

You could however write your own plugin for jtr, or ask halfie or magnum to do it for you.