Hash Cracking Project
I was wondering if people here would be interested in starting a collaborative hash cracking project / group?

The project will consist of 2 main parts.
- Website
- Crackers

The idea is to utilize the features of hashcat through hashtopus.
By using the distributed hash cracking feature, multiple users will be able to contribute without loss of anything.

Collaborators will all get access to the admin panel of hashtopus as well as participate in the skype chat. Assuming we'll be using skype.

The other part, the website will be an automatic way for people to submit hashes to us, either in return of payment or something along these lines.

We could also skip this and use our combined hash cracking power to help out the community as we make a little name for ourselves.

Tell me your thoughts and suggestions. This will allow every user that joins to contribute their rules & word lists to get the best results.

If you have a pretty GPU that can't reach 500+MH/s on MD5(), you can still contribute, but you won't get access to the admin panel.
This is not the appropriate place to discuss this matter.