PHDays Hashrunner challenge 2015
Hello, everyone!

We are glad to announce, that online hash cracking challenge "Hash Runner" will come back this year. It is going to take place week before international security conference "Positive Hack Days V" (

Challenge will start on May, 15, 19:00 UTC+3 (Start date link) and will last for 3 days until: May, 18, 19:00 UTC+3 (End date link).

Any Internet user can participate: teams/individuals can register on web site (site will be up some days before contest, exact date will be announced later).

Several thousand hashes of different types will be available. There will be both some well-known hash types, like MD4, MD5, SHA-1, combined with not so common GOST-34.11-2012, Lotus 8, PHC finalists and other. Passwords and rules used to generate hashes are categorized into number of groups to reflect their complexity. Each group has its own modifier formula and ratio which will significantly influence final hash cost. Following previous year ideas we also prepared some new challenging tasks, that we hope will spice things up.


- The cost of hashes can be changed before the challenge;
- File containing the hashes and the file format required to submit recovered passwords will be available in the registered user area at;
- You can upload the results of your work multiple times during the challenge;
- Size of participating teams is not limited;
- You can use any hardware you want as long as it's legit;
- Teams attacking/DoS'ing the challenge site or other teams will be disqualified;
- Short technical write-up describing the software, hardware and wetware resources used during the challenge is required to get the prizes in case you win;
- Up to date scoreboard listing will be available online during the timeframe of the challenge;
- You can't participate in multiple teams simultaneously;

Prizes will be provided by the PHDays organizers, the Positive Technologies company, and the forum sponsors. Prizes for first three places:
1. AMD R9 295x2, FPGA-board Quad-Spartan 6 LX150 (x4), invites for the PHDays conference for all participants
2. FPGA-board Quad-Spartan 6 LX150 (x2), invites for the PHDays conference for all participants
3. FPGA-board Quad-Spartan 6 LX150, invites for the PHDays conference for all participants

Contact e-mail: hashrunner at ptsecurity dot com

Have fun and good luck!

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Conference news:!/phdays

FIX: There was error in timezone, fixed. Should be UTC+3 or MSK+0
Please update your post once the registration page is available. Team Hashcat will participate
Team Insidepro will participate too.
Registration for PHDays Hashrunner 2015 competition is now open.
Congrats to Hashcat team!

I'm happy I wasn't in last place Smile
(05-18-2015, 07:39 PM)forumhero Wrote: Congrats to Hashcat team!

I'm happy I wasn't in last place Smile

I saw that Smile Good work!
Never ever all my CPU and GPU overloaded in full time like this contest.
Suspense. Night tension. Exasperated mixed. Anxiety before breaking happy.
I have had great moments.
Good work all guys !
Congratulations for your victory Team Hashcat. Your write-up was very well written too and interesting to read. One thing also missing from the contest is the detailed pointing system. We know that we have less point/percentage but a detailed pointing system with a breakdown per algos would have been better. It would tell us where we were strong and where we had to catch up. We'll see you at CMIYC.
hey i was looking on the website but didnt find any announcement of winners etc.. and since i am curious about the competition would be nice with a link th=o the write up etc...

The link is in the first post: