Perfect Settings for GTX460?
Hey Guys,

I hav an GTX460 Graphic Card and i wanna know what are the Perfect Settings

GPU Devices:
GPU Workload Tuning:
GPU Loops:
GPU watchdog

Greetz SpaZe
if you have only 1 card you dont need "GPU Devices". the "GPU watchdog" is just to meassure the temps of the card while running and stopping it if it reaches a critical level. default is set to 90c and if you are ok with its you dont need to change it. the "GPU Workload Tuning" and "GPU Loops" changes the lag on your desktop while cracking. the higher you set them the faster the cracking is but the slower the desktop responses. so its a personal thing. if you dont care about desktop lags or you use a 2nd card for deskopt set it as high as possible