6990 + 2x5970 GPU usage problem
I have 6990 and 2x5970 and have problem when use oclhash-lite v0.6 to calculate SL3. GPU in 6990 work 99%, 3xGPU 5970 work only 89% and last GPU from 5970 work 92%. This value show MSI Afterburner. Anyone known what can I do for use 99% for all 6 GPU? Maybe some extra settings for mix GPU?

For mix GPUs you have 2 choices:
1. Need to sync all GPUs clocks. (lets say all have to be 880Mhz)
2. You have to start different instances of cat and choose different ranges to scan. (like 1X6990 do 000102 2x5970 do all other) and simillar.
Can You tell me what command I need use to chose only two GPU in my 6990 for calculate 000102 and 2x5970 for 03040506070809?