Fury X has joined the game
(06-25-2015, 06:34 PM)blazer Wrote: The 450W is total system draw not just the card. The 980ti is listed as 430W in the same chart for the power consumption test.

(06-25-2015, 04:35 PM)Rolf Wrote: Last, but not least, the last thing people care about here on hashcat.net is games.

My comment was adressed to the ones who shout AMD dead already. The Gamers buying hardware set the course of the GPUs. When they stop buying one brand, it's dead. They will buy the Fury so AMD is not dead (yet).

You're right with the PCI-E violation. I see it positive in a sarcatic way, people stop buying crappy PSUs from chinese wood scheds and invest in proper hardware. But yeah, it's a violation and that's technically a no-go.

I read a few months ago that Fiji (the Fury chip) was supposed to come on the 20nm process. That was cancelled so they got stuck with a water cooler. The Fury Nano might be some step in this direction, but that's speculation.