Encrypted drive, AES .. please check it out
So the password to my encrypted drive is inside a Keepass database file which I accidentally put inside the encrypted drive and now I can't access it.

I remember parts of the password to the encrypted drive and it consists of 1-2 words and "123" at the end and "J" is the first character.. How long will this take to bruteforce and how do I do it? THe drive is of encrypted with Truecrypt 7.1a...
ok ive been checking the wiki and apparently mask attack is my best shot at this.

yet theres no tutorial on performing it !?!? anyone can help me out here? how do i get this to work
alright i'll just pay anyone to help me with this
There's no need to pay. I'd suggest you simply use this rule:

^J $1 $2 $3

and let it run through a big wordlist