Viewing current plain text guess
I feel like I'm flooding this forum as of late, sorry about that...

I tailed the logs and various files generated by oclHashcat hoping to be able to look at this info in the restore file or somewhere. I couldn't find anyway to do this. Is there a current way to show the current guess being compared to the hash, or ideally even the last 5 or 10?

If not, would it be possible to add this in a future release? Having the last plaintext (or several) displayed on the status screen would be amazing. I realize when you're doing 1B+ h/s its not very "real-time", but it would be really helpful to confirm the plains are generated as intended when using rules and masks. It can be easy, at least for me, to overlook something and waste several hours of hashing on the wrong algorithm/pattern.

I know in hashcat and mp you can get stdout, but there are enough variations between those and oclhashcat on the syntax/options and the way they process that you can't always have 1 to 1 results.

On the slower hashes like WPA having a slight mistake can waste a lot of time and it just happened to me recently.
No oclHashcat does not support this, nor is it possible to support for most attack modes since candidates are generated on the GPU not the CPU.