Identifying Hash type

I have got these hashes, but I don't know the type of them. They might be all the same type and 32 characters long. Contains only my data but scrambled because of the forum rules.


The usage of this hash is like: /example.php?eg=<Hash goes here>
I tried to identify them in many ways, but no luck.
Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
what's the plain text of these hashes?
That's what i want to find out. It might be the combination of my username, password and current time or something else, because it's always changing. Used to communicate between two websites, so the number one website is generating a hash for me and place it in the number two website's url ( which I open up so the second one can identify me, when I browsing on it.
If you don't have a known ciphertext:plaintext pair then there's really no way we can help you.

But what you're likely seeing is just a nonce / anti-csrf token which is typically generated with something like md5(salt.username.microtime()) or simply md5(random_bytes())