[split] oclHashcat-lite SL3 cracking howto - how long will it take with...
Roughly how long would it take to process SL3 unlock with this card?

HD-687A-ZDBC - 1GB XFX HD 6870 Black Edition, 4600MHz GDDR5, GPU 940MHz, 1120 Stream Processors, DVI/ HDMI/ mDP
What about...

VX6970 2GBD5-2DH - 2GB ScanFX HD 6970, PCI-E 2.1 (x16), 5500MHz GDDR5, GPU 880MHz, 1536 Cores, 2x mDP/ HDMI

Or what is the cheapest way to get it done in 2 days or under?
8 x HD 6970 are around 15000M. so its (10^15) / 15000000000 = 18,5h. to do it in 24h you need 1000000000000000 / (60 * 60 * 24 * 2) = ~6B = 4 x hd6970
My current motherboard only supports 1 graphics card, so what can I expect from one of the best?
if you have 6990 overclocked in uber mode its like 2*6970 = around 3d
Excellent will get one of those Smile

Whats the heat like off one of those those just wondering as I have a near silent pc, its got a water cooled cpu its got a corsair h50 in it cooling it and also the case has a 120mm fan on the front sucking air in and a 120mm case on side pushing it out. The H50 120mm fan pulls air in too, they are all set to silent profile in bios and temps are low but i'm guessing the graphics card will make a lot of heat so may have to set the fans higher to get rid of the extra heat?
well, since i do not overclock and i do not use pc cases i never have heat problems Smile
HD6990 is sh*t if to compare with HD5970. First of all it's 'two way' heat dispersion makes more problems than benefit (if to use casing). At second it takes much more electricity on same mhash/sec (~20%) if comparing to it's older 'sister' Smile Third - on same clocks HD5970 gives more mhash/sec so it's older tech makes more on your needs.

Anyway, on full load with one HD6990 you will have to leave it's fan at ~60-70% so forget your silent pc. These card fans (standart stock one) works like plane turbine.