Can I get this workload to use four gpus?

Dictionary with four words.

.hcmask with the following:

Command line like so:
./cudaHashcat64.bin -m 11600 outfile.hash my.dict my.hcmask --status --status-timer=30 -o wedidit.txt --session=four -a 6 -w 3

Four GPU machine.

Is there any way to get all four GPUs in use?  All I get is one at 99%, and this is going to take for ever.  I have played with loops=1024 and accel=10 but it has no effect.

Thank you.
Just start one instance per GPU using one word each like:

./cudaHashcat64.bin -d 1 -a 3 -m 11600 -o wedidit.txt --session=one -w 3 -i outfile.hash word1?a?a?a?a
./cudaHashcat64.bin -d 4 -a 3 -m 11600 -o wedidit.txt --session=four -w 3 -i outfile.hash word4?a?a?a?a

Notice the difference at the level of -d, --session and the mask.