planning display adapter change
I am newbie with hashcat.
at moment I have Geforce 8800 GTX

since cudaHashcat no longer support that, I have been planning to change it to someting else
I am not getting brand new, so I have to settle for used ones. I have done some research on different cards
nvidia and cuda cores and radeon + streaming prosessors. I am not sure is that correct comparison/evaluation value.
I would really value your opinion what of following I should go for.

so I choises are following
Nvidia Geforce 750 GTX (not ti)
Nvidia GTX 285
Radeon HD 4870
radeon HD 4850

I have dual boot machine with The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) linux and windows 8.1
I have read that radeon works better on linux than nvidia.
but those two consume more power than those nvidia cards.
and nvidia produces less heat since they are newer and are manufactored 23nm technology while radeon 55nm
radeon 4870 has more shading units but floating point calculation is better with GTX 750

750 should be supported by nvidia, so that would solve cudahashcat problem with 8800.
then again if radeon works better and I would be doing hashcat calculation in linux side.
radeon has more prosessors.
800      vs 512 prosessors.
155W vs 50 W
You will have to decide yourself if performance or power consumption is more important to you but the GTX 750 is by far the fastest in your list, running on Linux or Windows (I don't think it makes a difference).

Here's a good performance reference chart to use as a guide:

[Image: CUQtIjh.png]
Your 2 last choices of GPU are not supported anymore (well, the drivers don't support them anymore)
thanks that taple actually solved my problem.
I was comparing only CUDA cores and streaming prosessors,
but dropped rest of the specs and for password breaking GTX 750 is ~25% faster than HD4870
and it consumes less power.

4870/4850 would cost me about 25€, but i might get that 750 in 50-60€
Dunno where you're getting ~25% faster from. The GTX 750 is at least ~50% faster than the 4870.
(08-21-2015, 12:00 PM)mastercracker Wrote: Your 2 last choices of GPU are not supported anymore (well, the drivers don't support them anymore)

Radeon cards?? thanks for letting me know.
I have to check what else is on available used market .
Or you could just do what I did - buy an old used Radeon HD 5970. If you have the PSU for it (and 1x6-pin & 1x8-pin connectors) and don't mind a card that pulls ~300W then one of these is about 400% the performance of a GTX 750. I got mine for £55 on eBay.

Not great for long term use I admit but I was only playing around with mine. I'm finished with it now though, maybe i should stick it back up on eBay... Smile