Help for a rule or command
Final goal: brute-forcing an md5 or sha1 hash in the following format
"wordlistA, wordlistA, worldlistB,"

Essentially, I have two wordlists that I want to try every combination of using them in all three slots as shown above. 
Example: A1, A1, B1.......A1, A1, B2........until A1, A2, B1 and so on

Is this 1) possible to accomplish with hashcat? and 2) if so how?

Thanks a million in advance for any response to this!
This is confusing. Do you want to brute-force or wordlist attack?
Seems he's looking for a variation on Combinator Attack but adding the first dictionary to itself (standard -a 1, specifying wordlistA twice) but then wants to append wordlistB to that to make three word phrases.

Reminds me of URLS, example:

Either way, the resulting wordlist would get huge, fast.
combinator3 from hashcat-utils can do that.
(09-25-2015, 11:47 PM)Pixel Wrote: combinator3 from hashcat-utils can do that.

english.txt => 4032153 bytes.

combinator3 english.txt english.txt english.txt > eng3.txt

eng3.txt => 65.555783 EXABYTES (65,555,783,025,174,845,577 bytes)

Now he has a new problem!
Right, that's why you don't store it, you'd pipe it into a cracker.