HashCat GPU
Good day. I really want to get information about the program HESHKAT. According to its functionality. The articles on the Internet, I found information about the program breaks hash passwords. And there is the realization of this process due to rusursov card. Could you give information about starting with some series graphics cards support ATI goes hacking ??. Especially interested in whether there is support for ATI graphics cards ATI SM 2400 and SM 3650? I know that in the mining, data card. The Mining even used a little earlier versions (Mining essentially the same password cracking on hash). I would like to remove the review of video cards even in 2007 and earlier years may outperform over passwords in hash of some modern 4 and maybe even 6-core processors. I ask you to give information about the support of some older graphics cards and links to jump software. I make the review posted on the website. Dame links to your site. I apologize in advance for the concern and thank you! The answer is possible contact me at -- KaTugabacaka@gmail.com
Is not there anybody no information? At least something!
(10-01-2015, 08:27 AM)Todesh Wrote: Is not there anybody no information? At least something!

This website is full of information. Sorry if no one has emailed it all to you.

Apologies from the Internet.
I feel like a Markov bot wrote that post. Also we should rename the program to "HESHKAT".
[slightly clunky robot walks in]
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My eyes hurt.... oh wait, they are bleeding