No expierence, how can I use this on windows to decrypt photos?
No experience, how can I use this on windows to decrypt photos?

I have photos encrypted by android on a MicroSD card.
I really need to decrypt these as there is evidence on this card that I really need to get back.
Android was 4.x.x with the encrypted card, it updated to 5.0.1 and bricked itself causing a factory reset, it was never rooted.

Anyways, I have the photos on windows, I made a copy of the encrypted files, and I need to decrypt and unlock these photos as soon as possible.
If anyone can direct me how to use this program to unlock the files, I would appreciate it.

Even if it requires the use of another program. I have a gaming PC with the high end video card and CPU, with 32 GB ram, I hope thats enough!

I do know the 4 digit pin used if that even helps. it was an LGG3.
Android doesn't "encrypt photos". If you have individual encrypted files it was done by a third-party app. More than likely, that would be some type of AES, and since hashcat doesn't really handle encryption, it is going to be useless to you.

(and before you ask, no one around here is going to have a recommendation on another piece of software to use).