oclHashcat on Ubuntu Server - Persistent hanging
I've followed this guide to the letter, but oclHashcat still won't work on my server.

It appears that oclHashcat starts, but I don't get any feedback from the program. I can check the status of my graphics card in another terminal and the temperatures are remaining low, suggesting that they're not being worked.

When I try to run a benchmark:

Quote:user@server:~/oclHashcat-1.37$ sudo ./oclHashcat64.bin -b

oclHashcat v1.37 starting in benchmark-mode...

And it remains like this for an hour before I terminate it.

Quote:user@server:~/oclHashcat-1.37$ sudo ./oclHashcat64.bin hashcat.hccap example.dict -m 2500
oclHashcat v1.37 starting...

Generating bitmap tables with 16 bits...

Same with that one.

Its worth noting that my computer doesn't crash or anything, I just kill the task and everything else works fine.

Happy to post logs for anyone who wants to help.
First guess is driver installation problem. Post clinfo output please