Getting hash from a Truecrypt container
Hello guys,
I have read the different subjects dealing with the extraction of hashes from truecrypt, but cannot find the solution to my problem.
There it is :
I have two truecrypt volumes, which I think have been crypted with the same method of encryption.
I know the password of one of these containers, and I wanted to try to crack it with hashcat to check if my code is correct (I'm a beginner with hashcat, so I'm trying to progress step by step). I think I approximately know the missing password so I would like to try a bruteforce method with a mask. I've tried the code with hashes examples, and everything worked perfectly.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to extract the hash from my truecrypt container even trying to use the method described in the FAQ.

My OS is windows 7 familial.

What I did: 
I installed a program which allows me to use the "dd" unix command.
I tried to extract the first 512 bytes of the truecrypt container:
dd if="My_TC_Container" of="My_Output_File" bs=512 count=1 

Everything "seems" to work perfectly, but when I open the output file, there is anything like the hashes given in the examples quoted before.
I only have a sequel of weird signs :
?áÈŒ0.Œb.}..t]tÖi?ùG._.qgt©öyª.¼.ä¹.ƒÕôzo†r©.¸²..Ê*0B.š.C•.Íß..13é$éxMxk.¼2Ã..ã(¤èýK§\j.äγ.Ê@µÌíªpNí?nsÊ#tçHW›çQÍø;.Ò,º.Õ.®ž†¾.é.©{•<8í½B¶\Zý..ay²#˜¢À [...]
I'm not sure if that is the result expected after this step, and I expected to find something like the hashes examples.

The I try to use this "output file" as the hash to crack with hashcat but I'm sure there is a problem because my command ends with a "hash lenght" issue.

So here are my questions:
1) For the dd command, what should be the type of the output file? I tried with .txt or .bin, but nothing worked.
2) Should I extract a hash similar to the hashes of the examples (a simple sequel of letters and numbers) or might it look different (with symbols...)
3) Should I add a "conv" command to my dd command in order to convert the code in another language?

Thanks to all people who will try to help me, if any other information is needed just ask for it.

PS: I even tried to extract more than 1 bloc of 512 bytes, and looked for a convenient sequel of letters and numbers, without success. I downloaded a hex editor too if needed.