A more effective leetspeak rule file for oclHashcat-plus
A more complete set of leet rules that some people may find useful.

Please read instructions into the source code of attached file.
If you are using hashcat (eg. hashcat-0.37), you should use the table lookup mode instead because it is the best way to go!

For instance:
$ /opt/hashcat-0.37/hashcat-cli64.bin -a5 --table-file=tables/leet.table ...

The reason I wrote hashcat_l33t.py is because oclHashcat-plus lacks the table lookup mode.

And unfortunately, as Atom told me, the table lookup mode is not likely to be implemented into oclHashcat-plus, due to several complex reasons I did not even understand lol. Yet they all seemed very plausible Wink

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thanks for sharing, works pretty good
thank you! if its ok for you i will add it to oclHashcat-plus v0.06?
Sure, i'm ok with it Wink