Build Help
I currently own a R9 290 Tri-x and a Radeon HD 7850 and I'm looking components to make it work with expansion options.
I have a 230W power supply (or so) that needs an upgrade (is 5 years old) so I need some advise on that.
I have an i7 processor and a motherboard with 1 PCIx16 and 3 PCIx4.

So in conclusion I need help deciding:
  - Power supply
  - Motherboard?
  - GPU's?

I want to be able to expand or add more GPU's later when required.
Money's not a direct issue here, I'm just looking for builds to work towards and get it working quick.
Hello there,

well, I used a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC and an Enermax Platimax Modula 1500W for my Build. The Main Problem with your current Setup would be the Tri-X. As long as you run only this Card, it should be fine I guess but if you're adding more Cards i would believe that you'll run into Heat Issues because the Tri-X is not a Reference Design Card :-\

As i built a Budget Machine, I used 3 Geforce GTX 970 with Reference Design and they work very well and I don't have any Heatrelated Issues so far.

As for a Case for up to 4 Cards I would recommend the Corsair Obsidian 750D (I used this Case for my Build and have no Problems so far) because you can put many big Fans in there ;-)

Hope this helps!